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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yes Sensei!

Ask and ye shall receive.... Too scary a thought.

As my thoughts began racing through my head on what I need to do in preparation before committing myself to the purchase. I knew that I needed to work fast if I were to acquire this plane. Even though the Libelle is over forty years old, they are still quite popular and they get snatched up quickly. I went back to the Airport in Moriarty to talk with Robert Mudd of Composite Aircraft Repair. On a few occasions, I dropped by his operation to see what goes on with glider repair. Robert is very helpful and interested in seeing others taking interest in the sport of gliding.

On this visit, I talked to him about the Libelle I found for sale on the Internet and what I needed to find out about a plane that was forty years old. Robert was interested in seeing the photos of the plan and the trailer. The days that followed, the seller of the Libelle provided me with a number of photos per Roberts request, and forwarded them to Robert for his review.

While Robert was reviewing the photos, the seller was getting anxious to sell, and request a security deposit. I was able to put the seller off while I was pending the results from Roberts review.

When the call came in, Robert was optimistic about the overall condition of the plane based on the photos. He was also impress with the condition of the trailer since it was a homemade one.

There were some questions about the strange blistering in the gelcoat, but without a pre-buy inspection, those details could only be speculative as to the cause and what would be needed to correct them.

There were other problems noted, such as the surface cracking in the gelcoat on the fuselage, but that too required someones impartial inspection.

So with that being said, Robert believed that a pre-buy inspection would be worth investing.

I contacted the seller, and made the arrangements to provide him with a security deposit to hold the sale until I could make arrangements for a pre-buy inspection.

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