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This blog is dedicated to the restoration and modification of a Glasfl├╝gel Standard Libelle H201B, and a tribute to those who have dared to do the same, and to those who are helping with seeing this dream take flight.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

From Bare Glass to Diamonds. - It's Badge time - Silver and Gold Badge

I know it has been awhile since I've posted anytime, but I have been out flying when I can!
It has been a fairly good year for me and my Libelle. I have managed to log about 55 hours this year. We have had a wet year again, and between thunderstorms and over development in the afternoons, I managed to complete my Silver Badge requirements, and achieved getting my Gold Badge as well!

I made 3 attempts for my Gold Badge, with one of my flights ending in my first land out on a muddy runway after getting knocked down by a fast developing thunderstorm that closed in around me after rounding my first way-point. 

I have achieved my first Diamond after completing my Diamond Goal flight.

So I'm planning my Diamond Altitude this winter, providing I can forecast a Waveflight.

So, with the weather over the past few weeks not being the best for flying, I have re-modified my instrument panel with the addition of a new Borgelt B700 Vario, and replacing my Flarmview with a panel mount Flarmview 57.

Over the summer, my Borget B40 was giving me fits with the audio, and when I sent it in for repair, Borgelt made me an offer on purchasing a replacement.

So, it's back to watching the weather, and hoping for a early spring!

Safe Flying!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

First Flights of 2015

The start of the soaring season form me started a bit rocky. I was fighting the feel and relying on electronic help, which proved to be in conflict for learning the basics, and I learned the hard way by missing thermals and doing a few relights. But after a few flights, I'm starting to get the feel again.

My past flights were nothing more than long noodle tracks in the sky.

Last weekend pushed me to my first long distant flight this year (just under 269 km) and to parts I have never been to before.

I was about three thermals away from landing out, but proved to be quite an adventure. Thanks to Mike Carris's mentoring, but I know I still have much to learn and do!

Here is a view toward the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, during which I flew over Pecos NM at 15000' before heading south.