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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Creating a new fuselage access hatch - replacing Old Curlycue

Well, by this time, you have seen the work to replace the instrument panel, now it's time to replace that old hat self-access cover.

Just like the instrument panel, this cover was so full of holes, that it was warped and curling outward.

I used the same process as I used in making the instrument panel

The process included using a flat board that was sealed and waxed to prevent the resin from adhering to the surface.

I used Peel Ply, E-120, two layers of carbon fiber, followed by a layer of 7725 and then covered with Peel Ply.

I used the same curing process of a 24 hour pre-cure at 75 degrees, followed by a post cure of 15 hours.

I drew an outline using the old cover.

With the outline completed, I cut the excess off, and carefully sanded the material until I had a working shape.

I had a slight problem removing the glass sheet from the form, and thus there is a blemish that can be seen as a light blotch near the bottom of the hatch. Since this is the painted side, There is no problem with the blemish being there.
I used a Dremel with a grinding head to cut the notches and latch lever guide hole. I etched a circle for the cockpit vent, but I had not decided on cutting it out just yet.

The test fit on the fuselage.

Here is a photo of the old cover with the replacement.

I have the new piano hinge too, but we will need to test to see if the rivets will hold in the carbon fiber cover.

So much more to do...

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  1. What a beautiful job you are doing! I have just bought a libelle and am upgrading the TE system on it. Currently it has the old diaphragm system.

    I was hoping to ask you a question about the front probe that I see here:

    Do you have a front aerotow hook, and if so where does this pitot probe come out?