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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ouch!, my back hurts

Streifeneder came through again!

A few months ago, I wrote to Streifeneder about acquiring a replacement seat back. After spending a great deal of time cleaning up the old seat back, I found that after I removed the old polyester material, I couldn't determine what was the correct shape.

In January, they wrote me about finding a seat back. I was delighted!, I didn't need to waste anymore time on the original ,"Old and Busted" seat back.

The new seat back arrived in no time and I was surprised to see how much material was missing on the one I originally had.

The old seat back after sanding weighs 553 grams, while the new seat back (on the left), weighs in at 674 grams before painting.

What you cannot see in the photos is the thick rounded edges on the new seat back, while the old one has little or no rolled sides.

The replacement seat back required little work to get it prepped for painting. The were a number of bubbles and voids, but they were easy to fill.

I used a lacquer based primer, then sanded the seat back smooth.

I sprayed the seat back with DCC gray paint, that matched the cockpit.

We're moving now! ....... Instrument panel, plumbing wiring,.... install those parts!

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