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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Creating a new Instrument Panel - Part 3 - Finally!

The panel is done!

After waiting a year for the radio, I had all of the parts to finish the work I started over two years ago!

The assembly was quite simple after working out the design and then successfully cutting out the holes.

The first step was to locate the area that the pneumatic tubing and wires would come into the panel tray.

The terminal block was placed close to the junction of the entering wires. The  transponder encoder tray was then mounted to the base of the panel tray.

To gauge the measurements of the wires and tubing, I mounted the instrument, switches, and fuse holders in place. 
I used Winter vinyl tubing for the instruments, and the 5-way connector to manage the tubing. The hose clips provided with the Trig transponder were a great solution to prevent the tubing from working out. I found the same style clips at NAPA.

I then wired the electronics. 

When this step was completed, I tested each component separately to verify that they work.

I did a test fit of the panel tray (minus the radio) in the glider. It was manageable.

Robert suggested that I do not use COAX pigtails to connect the radio and transponder antennas. The only trick is getting the transponder cable connected first, and then reattaching the encoder DIN connector.

(this photo shows how far I am with the cockpit, more to be covered in another post)

I remounted the radio and using a Brother P-touch thermal label maker, I created the placards.

Robert suggested that I put the Libelle logo on the panel. I recreated the logo on clear adhesive material.

After two years, the panel is finished and ready to be mounted back into the glider.

Here are the before and after photos of the panel.





We are getting closer!....

My deadline on getting the plane to Robert is the last week in May!

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