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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Trailer! Part 11 - Bob that top! and change that jack!

Well here we are, again, back to redesigning the trailer. I knew there was some guess work on figuring out how much height was needed to the top to clear the wing root fairings. After the fairings were installed on the glider, and when Robert needed me to pack it back up into the trailer, I found that the top of the trailer was almost 10 inches higher than it needed to be. and when it comes time to mount sway stops for the wings on the top of the trailer, they would need to be long ones. Also, during the loading of the glider, the tongue jack will not raise the trailer high enough to allow the tailgate to drop low enough for the ramp to work.

So, I needed to cut the top down, and get a new Jockey wheel

So here we are again. With the trailer home, I remeasured the trailer top and cut the top off and shortened the side.  
 ...... and of course, as soon as I started the work... boom, boom, boom, the summer storms start there daily roll in, starting at noon till dusk!

Here is the new profile of the trailer.

Joseph has also been involved in securing the fiberglass top to the sides!... He has been a big help with getting this down between rain drops! 

With this new profile, the forward steel hoops needed to be re welded, ...

 and while we are doing that, lets get rid of the old Jockey wheel,

and replace it with a real adjustable one!

I also found adjustable stabilizer struts for the front and the rear of the trailer to stop the trailer from twisting when the top is up! 

Here are the front struts,.... 
And the rear struts.

I was able to cut the forward access hatch down to fit and located a locking T-handle that secures it.

And NAPA had a weatherstrip that fit perfectly in the opening!

So, off to Roberts for some welding lessons, and a remake of the fuselage ramp with a folding tailwheel track, and is adjustable! A far sight better than the original!

Starting to look promising!  

We are just about ready to paint the insides and I can then install the wiring.

What I find sick is, I've spent more time and money on this damn trailer than on the glider.
I'm told that we might be able to bring the glider back to the shop in a couple of weeks to continue the work!

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