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This blog is dedicated to the restoration and modification of a Glasflügel Standard Libelle H201B, and a tribute to those who have dared to do the same, and to those who are helping with seeing this dream take flight.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

One step foreward, two steps back - the Fuselage!

Howdy folks!
Here we are at it again! ... I'm getting tired of these dance steps.

While working on the Libelle fuselage, we noticed that the seam on the spine was starting to delaminate.

I cannot believe this crappy luck. Joseph noticed the hairline crack and pressed his thumb against it skin and the spine., with the sound of popping, the crack started to appear along the full length of the empennage. We dropped the Libelle off at Roberts to have him inspect the cracks.

Robert reported back to me stating that there was no chance of the fuselage separating, and the cracks can be easily repaired. Joseph was tasked in repairing the seam cracks today.

I have had enough with the delays and broken promises, and I'm reaching my breaking point and losing patience so I went to the bank to see if I can get some cash to finish this project once and for all!


  1. Keep at it mate. if it flies half as good as mine youre on a winner.

    1. Thank you for the words of confidence. I have managed to secure enough funds to finish the project (I hope), and we are working on a time table to complete the plane by Christmas!