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This blog is dedicated to the restoration and modification of a Glasfl├╝gel Standard Libelle H201B, and a tribute to those who have dared to do the same, and to those who are helping with seeing this dream take flight.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Today was my turn!

Today, I was expecting to do a series of weights and balances with me in the glider, and then to do some minor cleanup on the glider,... but no... there was an unexpected change in plans.

After we finished with the weights and balances, Robert stated  "get you stuff together, you are flying her now!"

So, we dis-assembled the glider, and put the fuselage back on the dolly at the trailer. Then, we re-assembled and readied her for flight.

I called Louise to get her out there to document the occasion. Once she arrived, and not unlike Sisyphus and his stone, Joseph and I proceeded to roll her to the line.

 Robert instructed me chute up and get in.

They then rolled me to the center line on Runway 8

At this point, I recites the Shepard's Prayer .. "Oh God ... Don't let me F**K Up!"

Steve from Sundance Aviation, was my wing runner, and as always, there to give me a hand!

We're off!
On the tow,... So far, so good!

Off tow and I feeling fine... so where is the lift

Found a thermal, and I'm back to being Cloud Base Johnny!

How do you land this thing?!

The controls were so light to what I'm used too, and the duel sided airbrakes took me by surprise! I dropped like a stone when I opened them. I was over the threshold at about 10' and settled fast. I came in with too much energy to bleed off, but then my ground effect was reduced due to a strong head wind. As I was rolling on the ground, and a gust lifted me up and started a pitch/ PIO. I held it off and settled back down, but my intended stopping point was about 2000' short... I felt like a boob!. But again, this was my first flight in a Libelle.

I popped the canopy and started to walk the glider to the nearest taxi intersection. Joseph was the first to arrive to help, while Robert picked up his car and a rope to tow the glider back to the ramp.

Thanks Coach! ... It was the Beemans!

Robert signed me off. and she is mine to do with as I please!

So, what is left?

Well,... Trailer mods to secure the wings and the horizontal stabilizer. There are a few little nicks to clean up, add the wing tanks, and mount my PDA..

After I get some time in the Libelle, it will be time for XC training and Badge Collecting!

There is still more to this blog!

But yet .. there is another story developing. It's about a poor bird that was destined to be scraped until I found her ....
http://pik20resurrection.blogspot.com/  ) .. I told you I was one sick puppy!

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