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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

From Bare Glass to Diamonds. - It's Badge time - Silver Distance / Altitude

Now it's time to do what Rick told me to do with this glider four years ago "Fly the Hell out of it!"

Over this past weekend Brian at Sundance Aviation wanted to know when I was going to go for my badges?! I replied, .. "what do we need to do?"

Since he was a authorized observer, he gave me a task to fly that would get me my Silver distance, and my Silver altitude. My first attempt was on Saturday, but I failed to reach my second turn waypoint due to strong winds breaking up the thermals. So I made my second attempt on Sunday.

Sunday, all looked go, and when I reached my start point, I had achieved plenty of altitude to reach my first turn waypoint. As I headed out, I noticed on my PDA that my Nano was not showing it was connected. I looked at it and noticed that it shut down. I knew that I started it while I was on the line, but, for now, I had to restart it and turn back to do a restart at the start waypoint.

So after making my turn at the start gate... it became a challenge to regain the altitude lost to restart....

But, I was able to make my task with a 5 mile buffer!.

My flight can be seen on OLC at http://www.onlinecontest.org/olc-2.0/gliding/flightinfo.html?dsId=3846680

So, I unofficially made the task. Now we just need to file it!

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