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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home again, home again!

Thursday morning, in order to avoid the morning rush hour, I started my way to Tacoma Narrows Airport at the crack of dawn. The roads were quite, and just shortly after I arrived at the airport, Charlie showed up to open the hanger. We loaded up the trailer, and I put the temp tags on. I inspected the tires and they did need air. As Charlie and I departed I stopped at the FBO to see if i could get the tires filled with air. A kind line mechanic added air to the tires and I was off to Pasco Washington to pick up my truck.

The loaner truck and trailer handled well while I traveled through the mountains and in no time, I was pulling into the Ford Service station to pick up my truck.

They had the truck ready when I arrived and I hooked up the trailer, and I was off to New Mexico. I again made my evening stop in Idaho. The truck was holding up well. Saturday morning i was off again, with my plans to get home that evening. For the most part, my travels were uneventful. the roads became busy as I drove through Moab Utah. It was spring and every Jeep, dirt-bike and four-wheeler where hitting the trails in Monument Valley.

I pulled into my driveway about 9pm. The end of a long road trip, over 3200 miles in four days.

The next morning I was looking at a new sight in my driveway.

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