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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wheel well that ends well!

Back to that damn wheel well.

After having the fuselage upside down, the lights I was using illuminated a short coming on the leading edge of the wheel well fairing. It was not shaped symmetrically.

I didn't take a photo of the problem before, which I should have, but here is a picture after I reshaped the side and leading edge. Notice the tan color of the original fiberglass, and the light green of the new fillet.

I roughed up the original glass with 80 grit sand paper and applied a thick layer of resin mixed with cotton flock. ( I love this stuff over Cab-o-sil).

I covered the resin putty with peel ply to help keep it shape, and kept a light on it to keep the air temperate warm for curing.

After the resin cured, I sanded the material to the corrected shape.

The fun never seems to end!

Stay tuned...... Bigger things are still a happening,

                                   and No she's not ready to finish yet!

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