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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Trailer! Part 6 - Déjà vu!?

Finally the temperature is getting down enough where I can start working with fiberglass again!.

I pulled out the wood and start reviewing my drawings.

The new trailer steel hoops in the forward area on the trailer are a little off from my original design. So, I will stick to the original design and cut the hoops off to be re-welded after the front on the trailer is mounted and secured.

The design for the mold required more facets than I wanted to deal with, but that is burden I chose when I accepted this project.

I reused much of the wood from the back portion of the trailer mold to create the mold for the forward trailer mold.

I created panel frames to create the forward curve.

This is where my wife walked in and saw this!

Her comment was, "Are you preparing to storm the beach in Normandy!?"

Aluminum foil tape was used to seal the edges and seams.

The last step was to add the facet edge with cut paneling strips.

I used a hot glue gun to tack the strips in place,

.... and then masking tape to seal the seams.

The wood was sanded and sealed.

Tomorrow.... the whole interior gets a good waxing.

Next week I start the process of applying the fiberglass... Oh Joy..

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