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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Grunt work - the refinishing has started!

After the wings were separated from the fuselage, Joseph started with the backing of the fairings.

The first steps were to fill the fairing openings with to part foam, and then shape them to fit.

The insides of the fairings were filled ....

.... along with the wing roots.

After the foam was sanded to the correct shape, Carbon fiber was applied over the exposed foam. This really stiffened the fairings!.

The next step , was to fair the edge of the fairing into the fuselage, apply reinforcing glass, ...

... and then sand to shape, using bondo,

.... and then feather-fill.

Also, at this time, when resin was curing, Joseph installed the gear doors.

For the most part, the installation went smoothly,

... but it was at the time to secure the hinges, there were some weirdness going on... as if the Gods were mocking us!

But the doors went on!

During this process, the fuselage started to get the sanding prep work done, First bondo,..

Then some old repair cleanup...

And then ..... more bondo!

The last step before the first coats of primer, some feather-fill is sprayed on and then sanded smooth. 

Aside from the canopy cleanup (which I haven't covered yet), this process has been going on for three weeks now!

Anyone know of a bank with poor security!

This weekend, we plan to hit the fuselage with it's coat of white primer..... the first time this plane has been white in over two years!

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