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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Many first! - a white glider again?

First time in the paint booth, First round of painting, and first time this glider was painted whited in over 3 years!

Last weekend, Joseph and I worked many long hours prepping the glider for priming. On Friday he did a pre-primed with Feather-fill and we spent two days sanding to end up with this!

We still have issues with the high spots on the old tail break repair.

It looks like the tail was not quite straight during the repair. But it looks OK, and I can live with it.

By 8pm Sunday. We started to cover this old bird with fresh white primer!
By 9pm, she was white again!
Joseph was having some issues with the air supply during painting, which created a few slight sags in the paint (not a problem).
The sling method for the most part worked, thou Joseph was having reach problems applying the primer on the belly.
But, he was able to finish without too much of a problem. 

So, what is next...

Robert has returned from his trip in Europe, and I'm sure he will have Joseph tied up.
I will have to work out a payment plan for the work that has been done, and with my wife out of work because of a back injury, all of my project funds have been used to keep a roof over our heads since my pay is used up.

Final paint will have to wait. 

Looks like this project is on hold again!


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