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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Trailer! Part 9 - Those pesky mid-wing supports!

Like a bad penny, I just cannot get this trailer thing done and done right.... the first time.

With the trailer back home, I was able to work on replacing the mid wing supports.

The original supports were nasty.
The fiberglass had holes drilled in them for no reason.

The carpet padding was cruddy. 
I tried to cleanup the old ones, but the carpet could not be separated from the glass.

So I made a pattern from foam, and made replacements wing supports.

The foam was covered with foil tape, 
waxed, and then glassed up.

After the glass layers were finished, I mounted matching new caster wheel hardware.
I cleaned up the shape, and prepped it for painting and new carpet padding.

After I painted the supports with DCC Red paint, I glued the carpet in and trimmed off the excess.

They are now being used on the wings.

Back to another modification..... the fuselage cradle.

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