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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

What's wrong with this picture! My home is looking like a glider repair station!

So, for the last month, the glider is back home, pending a break in the work schedule at the airport so mine can get back on  to be completed.

While the trailer has been sitting here, I decided to continue with the trailer work based on some issues I discovered since the glide has been able to be stored in it again.

The first problem discovered was when we tried loading the glider back in the trailer. The tongue Jockey wheel jack cannot be adjusted to lower the tail of the trailer. I bought a Jockey wheel from the UK and get the old one off. This turned out to be a waste of money with all of the welding and placing and replacing of this part.

Next, After the fairings were finally mated to the plane, I found the the trailer top was about 8 inches higher than I needed to be. Due to the extreme height issue, making wing supports for the top would end up being too long. Screw it, I will just cut the top down to lower the profile.

I know they will be a need to re-weld the steel hoops, more waste, more expense... Jeez!

So, stay tuned for more of my loony tunes!


The trailer on the left is a broken PIK-20B project I bought. The trailer is a prototype, but better than the other one. The only down side is that it is really low for the profile of the PIK. The trailer on the right (hidden in the tree) is Roberts PIK-20B that I will be using to make molds for to repair mine

Damn, I'm one sick puppy!

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