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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Moving On!

Here is a little more on the trailer saga.

Over the weekend, I managed to do some follow up on the final finishing on the trailer.

I noticed that the axel on one wheel was slightly toe out, and I might need to get the axel replaced. I will need to have the guys at the trailer shop take a look at it, but from what they stated, it was structurally sound.

Here is a bit of a closeup!
The final trim out on the electrical was completed, and the wiring bus turned out good.

I also added the cradle ramp anchor points.

Next weekend, we will paint the ramp to protect it from oxidizing.

The one internal part to add to wrap this up is the mount for the horizontal stabilizer. I have the material, I just now need to get it measured and fitted before anchoring it to the top.

Then we are off to the hanger with the glider!.

I hope soon!

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