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Monday, October 7, 2013

One Step forward,Two Steps Back! .. and the Trailer is Done!

No,  we are not doing the Cha Cha

As promised, here is the rest of the story!

Are we still jacking with the trailer? .... and the answer is a resounding YES!
And did we finish it, well finally.... YES!

As of the first weekend in July, it has been doing nothing but rain. On the weekends, the only time I have to focus on this project, I have been lucky to get a few hours in before it starts raining again.

With summer slipping through again, I needed to recruit some help. Joseph gladly accepted my plea for help. Between the two of us, we where able to re-glass the cut trailer top, and prep and paint the interior top of the trailer and getting that finished by the end of August (all the while, still dodging raindrop). 

By the first week of September, the two of us sanded, and filled to the best of our ability, the top of the trailer, Joseph was able to correct some of the most noticeable imperfection, but it is a home built trailer after all, and cannot be as perfect as I hoped.  

We were able to get a primer coat on the top, and sanded, again, all the while dodging the damn rain.
After we finished, we then planned to paint the top with the base coat the next day. Well wouldn't ya know, a slow moving monsoon surge pushed its way into New Mexico the day we planned to paint the top, and did it ever pour! For 7 days straight, it rained and rained. Now we are in the third week of September, and no further along with painting the top than we were two weeks before.  My only option to keep the project moving, was to get the aluminum U channel tracks and get them riveted in for the wing dolly's and fuselage cradle.  

So, we are now in the last week of September, the temps are getting cooler, and we are seeing a drying spell settling in. If we are planning to get this top painted, we had to act fast. In New Mexico, Fall also brings the winds.

I had Joseph come by during the week, to get the base coat on, We sanded and prepped the primer to ready it for the basecoat before applying it, Then the next morning, Joseph came by and painted the beige (more yellow than beige) basecoat. 

Joseph wanted to give the basecoat a good day to dry in the warm sun before painting the white topcoat.

The next morning, the topcoat was finally applied to the trailer.  

After almost three years, this trailer was finally white.

Now comes the wait.. Due to the cool days and even colder nights, we needed a good two weeks for the top coat to cure fully before doing anything else with the trailer top.

So, while the tailer top was curing, the following weekend, Josephs attention was on dressing up the fenders and wheels. 

The days to follow, the trim was applied, and the trailer was taking on a new look.
The day has finally come!.. I was able to bring the trailer to Roberts hanger over the weekend, where Joseph and I sanded, washed the trailer down.

Next, we applied the Libelle name and Competition letters.

After the decals were added, we waxed the top and fenders.

Later that evening, I started the wiring of the lights.

By Sunday afternoon, the trailer was finished.

With lights, reflectors, and new handles added.

And a new interior with guide rails that work for a change!

So lets look back to the old,

and now the new!

Here is a bit of advise for those looking to buy a used glider. Make sure you will be happy with the trailer the glider is coming with, and make sure it is in great condition, or expect to suffer headaches at a cost.

An may God have mercy on your soul!

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