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This blog is dedicated to the restoration and modification of a Glasfl├╝gel Standard Libelle H201B, and a tribute to those who have dared to do the same, and to those who are helping with seeing this dream take flight.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Finishing update

Well, the final finishing on the glider has taken a side line turn-around.

Upon Robert's return from Europe, he stated that he has a number of Gliders that will be coming in for service, and a rep from Slovenia will be arriving to help over-see the repairs. This means that he will need the shop for all of these planes.

So, last week, we loaded up the sailplane in the trailer, and Wednesday, I brought it back home.

I was not expecting the glider to be back home so soon without being finished.

To my surprise, Joseph came up to me last Saturday, and stated that he does not want this project to flounder. He asked me if I had room in the garage to work on the wings! The answer, if not, I'll make room!

The garage is now being readied to work on the wings! I hope we will be working on them next week!

Thank you Joseph for you enthusiasm, your fine eye for detail and dedicated work ethic!

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